We believe that fees should be clearly stated and transparent.

Our compensation comes exclusively from our clients for the expertise and management we provide, not the products we sell.  As independent fee-only advisors, we collect no sales commissions or other outside incentives to recommend securities, funds, or annuity products. 


Investment Management Fees


(Available to Non-US persons Only)

Radix Financial First Pillar Ltd offers investors access to the Global Growth strategy through Share Class A & B and to the Income Reserve strategy through Share Class C & D.  Investors may split the minimum investment between share classes to gain exposure to both strategies with a single investment.


Share Classes A & C

Share Classes B & D

Minimum Investment

$100,000 USD

$2,500,000 USD

Net Asset Value (USD)

Flat Annual Fee (% of AUM)

Management Fee



Other Fund Fees*



Option strategies (Share Classes A & B only)



*Other fund fees include: (i) legal, administrative, accounting, audit, and insurance expenses; (ii) all registration fees, taxes, and corporate fees payable to any relevant government, agency, or regulatory authority; (iii) expenses with respect to investor communications and marketing; and (iv) litigation or other extraordinary expenses.  These fees are capped on a monthly basis at 0.15%/12 of the Net Asset Value (NAV) per Share of any Class.  Brokerage commissions, mandatory tax withholding, and/or underlying expense ratios related to the investment programme are charged on transactions prior to NAV per share calculation.





US Persons

Minimum Household Investment

$1,000,000 USD

Assets Under Management (USD)

Tiered Annual Fee (% of AUM)*

Under $2.5 million


$2.5 million+


Option strategies (all AUM levels)

Additional 0.15%

*Fees are deducted monthly, in arrears, directly from the client account(s). Brokerage commissions, mandatory tax withholding, and/or underlying expense ratios are charged on transactions prior to the month end fair market value calculation.


Financial Planning Fees

Financial Planning services are offered as an optional add-on service to our Investment Management solutions.

Financial Planning is charged on a one-time basis of $1,800 - $3,600 USD, depending on household complexity, along with a $600 annual retainer.


Outsourced CIO Fees

Our outsourced CIO services are strictly confidential and charged at a flat rate dependent upon needs and complexity.  Please contact us for a complimentary consultation.