Wealth Management

At Radix Financial, we believe successful long-term investment outcomes are accomplished through focusing on the things we can control — minimizing fees, optimizing tax recognition timing, protecting against a loss of purchasing power, and avoiding emotional errors within a well-diversified portfolio.


Investment Portfolio Management


Our investment philosophy is broadly based on Harry Markowitz’s Nobel Prize winning Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) which attempts to maximize portfolio expected return for a given level of standard deviation (risk) by efficiently diversifying across industries, market capitalizations, geographies, and asset-classes.

While we believe markets are generally efficient, Radix’s research-based hybrid approach between active and passive management aims to improve on broad market performance by maintaining tactical flexibility in evolving market conditions and rate environments.

Our flagship investment strategies blend an actively managed large-cap equity core portfolio of 25 individual companies with best-in-class passive ETFs, investment grade fixed income (bonds), and tactical alternative exposures that together serve to lower portfolio volatility and achieve high risk-adjusted returns for our investors.


Investment Portfolio Management + Financial Planning

Optional Add-On

Radix offers our clients professional expertise and accountability to get financially organized, set long-term goals, evaluate outside opportunities, identify unconsidered risks, consolidate accounts, and ensure that your investment portfolio(s) are optimized to meet your family’s financial objectives. 

Our step-by-step action plan will exhibit and highlight potential problems, as well as present creative and insightful solutions to accomplish your stated goals with clarity and confidence.

*Radix Financial does not (i) draft estate planning documents such as trusts or wills; (ii) offer tax advice; (iii) sell insurance policies; or (iv) provide financing or loans.  However, we work with an extensive network of outside attorneys, tax professionals, insurance brokers, and bankers who complement our services.