Radix Financial is thrilled to expand our flagship investment strategies through Radix Financial First Pillar Ltd.  Investing in First Pillar allows investors to benefit from our professional expertise in a convenient, diversified, and cost-effective manner. Saving time and effort for investors who lack the resources to research and manage multiple investments on their own.

Global Growth

Our flagship Global Growth strategy blends an actively managed large-cap equity core portfolio of 25 individual companies with best-in-class passive ETFs, investment grade fixed income (bonds), and tactical alternative exposures that together serve to lower portfolio volatility and achieve high risk-adjusted returns for our investors.  

The Fund's asset allocation strategy reflects an investment of approximately 80% of the Fund's assets in a globally diversified mix of large-, mid-, and small-capitalization equity investments and 20% to investment grade fixed income, cash, or cash equivalents. Up to 15% of the Fund may be invested in illiquid alternative asset classes.

Income Reserve 

The First Pillar Income Reserve strategy reflects an investment in a diversified mix of direct and indirect short- and intermediate-term fixed income (bonds); cash; and cash equivalent securities.  

The bulk of the Fund shall be invested in investment grade, US dollar-denominated, fixed and variable-rate securities with a weighted average maturity of less than 10 years. Up to 20% of the Fund may be invested in non-investment grade fixed income securities, convertible securities, private credit, and/or structured notes.



Radix Financial First Pillar Ltd.

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Radix Financial First Pillar Ltd (the Fund) is a BVI business company incorporated with limited liability under the BVI Business Companies Act 2004 (the BCA).

The Fund has been established as an approved fund under the Securities and Investment Business (Incubator and Approved Funds) Regulations 2015 of the British Virgin Islands (the Regulations). As such, no offer or invitation may be made to an investor or potential investor to purchase or subscribe for Shares in the Fund unless the investor or potential investor is provided with the following investment warning complying with the Regulations: (a)the total number of investors in the Fund is limited to a maximum of twenty; (b)the Fund can only have investments not exceeding US$100,000,000 in net assets or its equivalence in any other currency; (c)the Fund is not subject to the supervision by the British Virgin Islands Financial Services Commission (the Commission) or by any other regulator outside of the British Virgin Islands and the requirements considered necessary for the protection of investors that apply to a fund registered under the British Virgin Islands Securities and Investment Business Act 2010 (SIBA) as a public fund do not apply to the Fund; (d)an investor in the Fund is solely responsible for determining whether the Fund is suitable for his or her investment needs; and (e)by reason of the above, investment in the Fund may present a greater risk to an investor than an investment in a fund registered under SIBA as a public fund.  

An investment in the Fund carries substantial risk. There can be no assurance that the investment objective of the Fund will be achieved and investment results may vary substantially over time. An investment in the Fund is only suitable for sophisticated investors who are able to bear the loss of a substantial portion or even all of their investment in the Fund. An investment in the Fund is not intended to be a complete investment programme for any investor. There is no public market for Participating Shares, nor is a public market expected to develop in the future.

Potential investors should carefully consider the risk factors when considering whether an investment in the Fund is suitable for them in light of their circumstances and financial resources. Investors are advised to seek independent professional advice on the implications of investing in the Fund.