ra·dix /ray-diks/ noun
1.   (latin) source of origin
2.   the base of a number system

Financial success doesn’t have to wait until retirement.  As your collaborative, long-term partner, we’re here to be your advocate, remove complexity, and provide peace of mind—both now and in the future.

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A Straightforward Approach to Investing

At Radix Financial, we believe that long-term investing success is achieved by focusing on things we can control—minimizing fees, optimizing tax recognition timing, protecting against a loss of purchasing power, and avoiding emotional errors.

With this in mind, we offer diversified portfolio strategies designed to maximize your individual financial goals.

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Radix. Gives. Back.

We believe that our core pillars extend to making a positive financial impact, both within our local community and across the world. 

Radix demonstrates commitment to our community by encouraging volunteer service and donating 10% of investment management fees to registered 501(c)3 charitable organizations, of our client’s choice, each November as part of the global generosity movement #givingtuesday. 

Our Core Pillars


Wealth Management

Radix offers investment portfolio management and financial planning solutions to fit your individualized long-term goals, liquidity need, time horizon, behavioral risk tolerance, and taxable considerations.

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Outsourced CIO

Radix offers independent ongoing and or project-term investment consulting services to trustees, estate administrators, emerging family offices, and institutional directors.

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Amy Hubble | Principal Investment Advisor | Radix Financial
Principal Investment Advisor

As the firm’s founding principal, Dr. Amy Hubble has equal passion and experience working with affluent individuals...

Jessica Jablonowski | Managing Director | Radix Financial
Managing Director, Investment Advisor

Jessica Jablonowski brings a wealth of experience in offshore private client services to her role as Managing Director...

Market Insights

2024 performance was excellent by any measure, despite the worst banking crisis since 2008, rapid Fed rate hikes, debt ceilings and budget battles in Washington, the ongoing war in Ukraine, the conflict in the Middle East, cracks in China's economy, and many more. Despite predictions that the US would fall into a deep self-imposed recession, the market proceeded to march confidently back to all-time highs, just like it always does.

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