Multi-Generational Family Wealth and Trust

Our family wealth and trust clients are large, multifaceted, and complex relationships that often comprise multiple account types and advanced coordination between them.  In addition to investment management and cash distribution needs, they also hold outside illiquid private investments, real-estate, closely held businesses, oil and gas interests, private foundations, and more, for which we can provide consolidated reporting.  For these clients, we interact constantly with the family’s entire advisory team, including tax preparer, attorney, administrative staff, banker, insurance broker, custodian(s), etc. to provide full-service strategic guidance.

Affluent Professionals

Our affluent professional clients tend to have high incomes, are well educated, and consider themselves “self-made” through aggressive savings and sound financial decisions. But they are also busy, even in retirement.  Our clients enjoy successful careers as executives, attorneys, doctors, and business owners, but this deep investment in professional life has left them little time to focus on the intricacies of their financial life.   Though many of them understand financial strategies and products, they prefer to spend their free time enjoying life, focusing on their families and careers, while entrusting the details to us.

Clients in Transition

Whether it be a rollover from an employee retirement plan, a recent divorce, or an inheritance--our
transitional clients find themselves responsible for the management of financial assets for the first time. These clients are generally looking to partner with someone they can trust to do what is in their best interest, help them establish and stick to an investment plan, and educate them through the financial side of a new, and often stressful, stage in life.

American Expatriates 

Under the Radix Financial umbrella, we operate both an onshore United States SEC-registered firm focused on US-based clients and an offshore CIMA-registered firm focused on Cayman Islands-based high-net-world clients.  This naturally leads to expertise in the unique global investment needs and challenges faced by American expatriates currently living or considering a move to the Cayman Islands.


Radix Financial can serve as investment manager and/or as independent consultant for select institutional and corporate boards, trustees and trust protectors, non-profit foundations and endowments, funds, captive insurers, and pension plans. 


Please note that for non-US persons, resident in the Cayman Islands, Radix Financial Cayman, LLC is duly registered only to conduct securities and investment business with high-net-worth households and related entities.  Defined as: (i) an individual whose net worth is at least CI $800,000 or its equivalent in any other currency; or (ii) any person that has total assets of not less than CI $4,000,000 or its equivalent in any other currency